How to Eat a Girl Out

Eating a girl out is an art and most men can’t do it, here is the right way!

People think you only have to go down and stick your tongue out while she will enjoy herself. WRONG!

how to eat a girl out

If you would do it not properly, you might ruin a perfect scene or she herself will make you stop.

Eating a girl out doesn’t just involves touching your tongue to her lower lips and move it to upside down, it takes a set of skills, practice in order to make her scream so she liked it.

You need to keep certain things in mind before going down to your girl’s vagina.

Why eating a girl out is good?

Some people cannot see the actuality why this “Mouth Job” Or “Eating a girl out” is so much important.

eating pussySexual intercourse for men brings too rapid stimulation so they can get orgasm faster than their partner had imagined.

It is not an easy task to satisfy a woman, in order to smoothen this process, you need to do something which makes her cum like a holy queen of Babylon.

Before going down to the business ‘Sexual Intercourse” a woman needs to be pleased by many ways, such as foreplay, squeezing, kissing and eating her out.

This will take a longer time for you in bed, and after all, who doesn’t like it longer in bed?

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How to make her scream by eating her out?

Eating a girl out requires some skills and practices which can easily be taught in no time.

Once you get mastered on this you can make any girl scream so harder than you have ever imagined. Let’s get you some tips about it.

1. Eagerness is the key!

Build an anticipation, which means pre planning. Most women tend to get happy when they get a text from men about how he’s going to rock their world, it’s a fact and everyone knows it.

This little gesture can bring an impact psychologically, which will make you a real man in her eyes.

2. Go for every region of her body!

You are not a dog to go down instantly with your tongue, but you need to be relaxed and look at the whole body she’s about to give you for the whole time.

Kiss her lips, neck, grab her buttocks and make her feel special. Murmur things which she likes, lift her up so she would know you are a big deal.

3. Down slowly to find the Clit!

As we said, going down instantly is not good for you. So start with kissing on the neck and keep going down while you are stroking her breast.

Move slowly by licking on belly until you finally reach the right place. Now it’s the time for you to find her magic button and from that we meant Clitoris.

Some men fail to find it which is a big disappointment for women because you are freaking unable to provide her oral pleasure.

For the new comers, find a diagram of a woman’s vagina and locate her magic button. Besides, it is never a hard task to find her clit, you will see it unless she’s a virgin.

4. Rifling and pressing hard with your tongue! A…..

Once you reach there, now it’s a show time. Women love vibrating movements in their clitoris area which makes them cum so hard.

So try to riffle and flick your tongue back and forth, up and down around it and she will go insane.

Not only this, but most women prefer a sort of pressure to get off, so just don’t flick around, but show her how much power your tongue really is.

The continuous riffling and pressing thing will create a master blast in her vagina which she will never forget. Ever!

5. Use other parts of your mouth too!

Gently kiss that area where you have been licking, your tongue isn’t the only thing in your mouth. Women like men who include kissing while giving them an oral sex, it’s a sign that you are really loving that pussy of her.

A simultaneous action by tongue and lips usually gets her off way faster.

Suction is the best part you can do in this scenario, girls love the vigorous amount of pressure down there so you might have a chance to drive her clit crazy!

6. Fingering

Is an art! An oral sex consists mainly your mouth and lips in order to target the clit but there is more down.

G-Spot which upon stimulation cause great orgasm can only be touched by the fingers, oral sex doesn’t restrict you not to use your fingers. You can finger her deeply to see her moaning face for a while.

Ask her if she liked it!

If she really liked it, she won’t be answering because she’s now gasping for air! Which means you have done everything we have told you just PERFECTLY!

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Eating a girl out isn’t easy as it sounds, but requires a little bit of practice and some know how about her down region.

If you follow these important tips you will never leave a single chance of making her go nuts after you. But never use your teeth!

A strong oral sex can induce great orgasm and a very well induced orgasm will build up your relationship stronger.

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